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Porpita porpita photographed at Girgaon Chowpatty by Shaunak Modi
Blue buttons, also known as Porpita Porpita, these are chondrophores — close relatives of jellyfish — and are seasonal visitors to our city. These free-floating animals live in the open ocean but are brought ashore in Mumbai just before the monsoons by strong landward winds. Interestingly, even though it looks like one animal, it is a colony of many tiny animals that have evolved to live together as one large organism, with different roles assigned to each one in the colony.

Magnificent Images Of Sea Creatures From Along Mumbai’s Coastline

Driving along the sweep of Marine Drive or past the crowded Haji Ali Dargah at Worli, is there anyone who looks out at sea and wonders about the marine life along urban Mumbai’s massive coastline?